to the website of the LIBERTAS International Masonic Grand Lodge for Women and Men.

                   Newly founded, the Grand Lodge received the Light in Augsburg on 2nd October 2021. LIBERTAS sees itself as an umbrella organisation of liberal Lodges that is committed to being international. Here, Freemasons experience the values of freedom, equality and fraternity across borders, which is why the members of two Georgian Lodges, one Latvian Lodge and two German Lodges wanted to establish here the international aspects of Freemasonry within everyday Lodge life. The Chain of Brotherhood worldwide shall thereby come down from the sphere of the Ideal into the reality of action.                    

Especially in today's world, the value of being international is more important than ever. The idea of being international is diametrically opposed to national thinking. National thinking reinforces boundaries, international thinking breaks them down. International thinking leads to peace.


Gerhild Böhnisch 

Grand Master